martes, 30 de septiembre de 2014

Welcome to everybody

Dear teacher, students, parents, aunts and uncle, granfparents, cousins, neighbourds,... welcome to everybody to my blog called: "My adventure book in English lessons".

This is a new blog where I am going to write about English education provide all of you with methods, recourses, webs, applications, activities, opinions and experiences about English and education.

I am ready to talk about and I will completely thankful for your comments, so please, don't hesitate to ask me whatever you need or whatever you want.

Let me introduce me! I'm Cristina Macías Muñoz, I live in Sanlúcar la Mayor a town which lies 20 km from Seville. I am studying to be a techaer. 9 moths more and I will be a real teacher. Even I have no much experience and I have only 21 years old, I have some information that you will appreciate: new methods, new fanny and educated videos, images,... you could use to teach and learn English, due to the fact I have been in Galway doing my teacher training.

Finally I want to say that I have other two more blogs. Here I leave their links:  is about activities and the apps you could use in your English lessons is about activities relationed with the enviorement and animals

Cristina Macias Muñoz

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